New Store!

on August 18, 2019

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my site :)

I started selling some art merch online the beginning of this year, and after playing around on some different platforms, I've settled on Shopify. This site will still be upgraded as time goes on and as I learn more, so if you notice anything I could improve on, I'd love some feedback on how to improve and how to make your experience as a customer easier.

For those that are new here, you can expect to find cute art on vinyl stickers, enamel pins, charms, and totes. In the future, I am planning on adding more enamel pin designs, greeting cards, t-shirts, and other products.

I've been having so much fun bringing my digital artwork into the real world, sharing my art with others, and just in general getting involved in the online art community.

If you also have an art Instagram, Twitter, or art store, feel free to introduce yourself in the comments and I'll check out your links! 😊